What makes the ERGO SCANNER special…

is the adjustable bottom bracket. The saddle stays always at the same height. It is thus possible, projecting your customer with the aid of a camera on a rear wall with recorded sitting position angles. 

Your customer can see and feel how it is best to sit on his new bike. 

In a few minutes you have identified your customers needs with the correct frame size, step height, stem length, handlebar level, knee over pedal position and the back angle for its intended use. 

Your client is sure that you will get the right bike for him, because he has a visual and tactile confirmation. 

Space needed: Width, 3 meters, depth 0.9 m, height 2.2 meters. The mobile camera has an adjustable zoom lens and can be set up at a distance of 4-8 meters. (eg between exhibition bicycles.) The assembly on an opposite wall is possible. 

The ERGOSCANNER is Made in Germany 

The ERGOSCANNER is patented.