The ergonomics and geometry

Step height

The bottom bracket is electrically adjustable.
The saddle holds the position – you customer stays on the bike.
The exact step height, you can read of the scale – without an inside leg measurement of the customer and the need to get too close.

Back angle

On the chart banner you can see the back angle for which type of Bike, whether sporty, comfortable or moderate.

Handlebar position

At the ERGOSCANNER – Chart banner you see the difference in level handlebar / saddle.
This facilitates the choice of the stem angle and the required spacers.

Stem length

You can read the correct stem length directly off the scale.

Top tube length

The top tube measurement can be set accurately.

Knee over pedal

The sliding ERGOSCANNER – plumb device allows the precise adjustment of the saddle position. Simple and accurate.

Saddle position

Saddle can be adjusted within a couple seconds 

Only when a bike fits like a glove, a cyclist feels comfortable and an effective power conversion is possible.