Your shop – your business

Customer service is the responsibility of the expert – a professional tool is indispensable

Make it easy for you to sell your customers exactly the right bike – no matter for what application.

  • With the ERGOSCANNER, you can make your customer feel and see your experience.

  • The ERGOSCANNER increases the professional flair of your shop..

  • The ERGOSCANNER shows all important settings and component dimensions at a glance..

  • The ERGOSCANNER reduces test drives..

  • The ERGOSCANNER shortens your pre sales service and creates happy customers.

ERGOSCANNER – your best sales man

… for hobbyists, for professionals, for now and then bikers,
for triathletes, mountain bikers, for race bikers and for touring cyclists.

Advantages for your customers

  • Optimal power transmission
  • Performance improvement
  • Optimization of the aerodynamics
  • Avoidance of discomfort
  • Transparent measurement system
  • Reduction of wear and tear of the musculoskeletal system
  • Prevents overworking
  • Improves the well-being on a bike
  • Recognition of malpositioning
  • Even more fun on the bike

The ERGO SCANNER allows your customers to focus on – which seating position, handlebar and different saddles suit – all without the distraction of traffic, weather, etc.